The commitment is the most important element of our Association. The Confederal Council supports the research of indications for every country, facing relevant subjects to answer to the questions of the new evangelization, supporting the members education.

1984/85  Taking the conscience of being Church

1985/86  The commitment to be peace makers

1986/87  The choice to take part, as a christian salesian presence in own country

1987/88  The availability to serve the others with and as Mary

Bologna, April 23-25, 1989
Salesian expupil: an engaged woman in a specific mission in the society and in the Church. To walk together towards a target that is a moment of growth for the expupils, in the widening of own identity inside the Association, and that causes their salesian commitment in the society and in the Church.

Morlupo (Rome), April 27 - May 1, 1990
"Solidarity, globalization, justice: the values of the present culture, lived with apostolic sensitiveness".
An element of the salesian spirituality is the apostolic sensitiveness that urges to do the best we can as expression of the Jesus Christ's charity. It is an inner life that is simple, but so deep in the actions of the existence. Facing the values of solidarity, globalization and justice in salesian style means going against the mainstream with the poor, the silent people, with the people who is considered "different".

Morlupo (Rome), April 30 - May 3, 1992
"I was hungry and you".
To be food for the man who is hungry, because in his turn, he becomes gift for the others. The educative heritage that every expupil, catholic or not, has inside is a deep sensitiveness for the poverty that afflicts the young people. The challenge is: to build a culture of welcome. The choice is a solid sobriety, both personal and public.

Morlupo (Rome), April 22-25, 1994
"The family is the first place for the building of the new culture".
It is not a subject but it is a creed that states a sensitiveness, underlines the worries, collects the availabilities for a guaranteed commitment. The God's supremacy founds the new family. A family that loves, welcomes, and wipes out the differences.

Seville (Spain), May 1-4, 1996
"Communication as educative relation".
Enlightened from the word of God in Luke 15: "..when he was far, he saw him and he ran towards him", we want walk together towards 2000, more and more present. To communicate means to meet and transfer the friendship and human and christian values, to listen and to help the young people to become "honest citizens and good christians".

Morlupo (Rome), April 29 - May 2, 1999
"Free yourself to free the others" to live the great experience of the new millenium, looking for Jesus Christ, the Path, the Truth, the Life, the Lord of the history. A significant subject that faces the slaveries, individual and social, that arrive from the fast cultural change. To be a busy lay means to become men and women who, free by God, are a liberation for the others".

Rome, April 22-25, 2001
"To bring up to love today: a challenge".
To bring up to discover love in every age of the life, to resist the pressions of a culture that debases the truth of the Love. We face a problem visible to everyone, in a moment that is a Babel of the values. "The christian vision of the salesian spirituality, characterized by the love for the life, are the base where we can start humbly our contribution to the promotion of a culture of life and for a life full of love" (Madre Antonia Colombo, FMA Superior General).

Cumbayá (Ecuador), August 27-31
"Love in life: from experience to reflection".
For the first time, the delegations of the American Federations are trying to find common ways of Salesian engagement in the society and the Church of this continent on the same theme as that of the European Federations.
It is also the first time that the Delegates present at the Conference, stimulated by this positive and new experience, have felt the need to reflect on the role of FMA within the Association and have elaborated a document on the profile of the Delegate, which has become an integral part of directives.
We hope and trust that the whole association converges towards a common goal: education to love lived within the richness of differences in cultures and traditions.

Chennai (India), April 23-28
"Women for the Peace", study seminary for the training project of a female leadership to carry out the peace in Asia.
For the first time the FMA Institute and two lay groups , International Vides and the Confederations of Expupils work together to a project.
There were the delegates from all the FMA Inspectorates and the Expupils Federations of Asia.

Freising (Germany), May 21-25, 2005
Good christians, honest citizens, "real" european. A christian presence in Europe.
Obiective: to understand that live the Gospelis a choice that goes in every levels of our life. To know that we are "eropean citizens", discovering the christian origins of our culture. To be salesians who are present both in the social life and in the association, where we must be "salt and light".
To look for the christian identity, through: the origins of the christian family; interculture and migration; the reasons of the peace.


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