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With the guide of Don Filippo Rinaldi, thanks to the educative sensitiveness of Sister Caterina Arrighi, the first group of the "old students" of FMA seat of Turin,developes. To improve their solid relations and with the will of work together for the woman emancipation, they support in the Oratory the sisters and the director, Don Filippo Rinaldi. He receives Felicina Gastini, Carlo Gastini daughter.
Mister Gastini was one of the promoters of the expupils of Don Bosco movement, in 1870. Felicina was the first student of the FMA oratory, wanted by Don Bosco in 1876 in Cottolengo street n. 33, in front of the Salesian seat.

March 19, 1908
Don Rinaldi lays the foundations of the Association, outlining the first regulation that is discussed in a first "meeting" occurred during the San Giuseppe feast. On this moment, the Board of Directors is elected: and in this way, the EXPUPILS UNION is established.
The first president was Felicina Gastini, the first secretary was Maria Teresa Benvenuti, who lived for long (1968) and transferred to the following generations the memories and the history of the origins of the Association. The first expupils work for a mutual aid society: the members tax themelfLe monthly to constitute a found where they can sponge on in case of disease. At that time the social security didn't exist!

Turin: draft of the first statute; convocation of the 1° International Meetiing; it is established the "Board of Directors of Expupils"; publication of the first number of the magazine of the association "The echo of Expupils". The seed has fallen on a prolific ground. In all the works of the Maria Ausiliatrice Daughters, in Italy and abroad, the Expupils Divisions"Unions", modelled on the division of Turin. The divisions are 74 including 8000 members.

May 24, 1921
The first number of "UNIONE. Body of the Board of Directors of the International Fed. of the Expupils of the Maria Ausiliatrice Daughters" comes out. In the presentation we read: "After a long period of desire and wait,it comes out. Do you remember how a magazine was desired that was a link between us, and brought the instructions of the Council and the informations of the different divisions, collected memories and symbolized our action?" (by "Unione" 24/5/1921). About the title of the publication, miss Benvenuti, who draws up the report of the meetings, writes: "We want it beautiful, significant, resonant, poetic". The proposals were different. Don Rinaldi, smiling, discussed them and then proposed his title, according to his style, but very significant: UNIONE" (in english "Union").

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